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20% Donated to an Animal Rescue Organization

Yes Really

20% Donated to an Animal Rescue Organization. Choose from the list below or contact us if you would prefer another organization.

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Custom Creation

A Little Piece of Your Pet

Remember Forever

To make your sculpture a special treasure I encourage you to send me some of your pet’s hair and I will blend it into the wool, This is a great way to always have a piece of your special pet with you.

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Perfect Pup

Get a free tiny toy with purchase

Really Cute

A free mini dog toy of your choice. Choose from the ones I have designed or for custom orders send me a photo of your dog’s favorite toy and I will make a mini one for you.

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Family Heirloom

Made to Last

Beautiful Keepsake

All Needle Felted Animals are made with sheep’s wool felted over a sturdy wire armature making the head and legs slightly pose-able. If you look closely at the pictures you will see their individually felted toes and paw pads.

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